University Hospital Aachen, Germany

Dr Robert Deisz

Dr Robert Deisz

Consultant in Critical Care Medicine

Dr Deisz is dedicated to electronic documentation and innovation procurement and has coordinated of a number of health IT projects that have implemented patient data management systems and telemedicine systems. Together with Professor Gernot Marx, Dr Deisz initiated Germany’s first project in tele-intensive-care medicine. After a successful pilot the project received further funding, including a £20 million grant from the German Innovation Fund. Dr Deisz was also responsible for THALEA, the first PCP project in Europe which was followed by THALEA II, a PPI (public procurement of innovative solutions) project.

Peter Asché

Head of Commercial Directorate

Awarded 'Business and Hospital Leader of the Year' in 2012. 

Peter has successfully transformed financial situation of UKA within the last three years.

Vice-president of the Association of Hospital Directors in Germany (VKD). As VKD vice-president Peter
holds a key position contributing to efficient communication and dissemination of the PCP THALEA project results. 

Professor Gernot Marx

Head of Intensive Care

Professor Marx's research focus is the treatment of sepsis and he has been working on clinical and pre-clinical aspects of sepsis; and the investigation of telemedicine and monitoring.

As a board member of the German Society of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Professor Marx is actively involved in the coordination of projects which implement research results into clinical practice. Professor Marx is also editor of two ICU books and on the editorial board of five ICU journals.