Nightingale showcased at European eHealth week

Members of the Nightingale team were in Malta this month to celebrate European eHealth week.

Karianne Lindenhovius and Martine Breteler from UMC Utrecht were on hand to talk to visitors at the event, of which the theme was ‘Data for Health’, specifically personal health data, about why Nightingale’s vision is high up the digital health agenda.

In the ‘speakers corner’ Karianne and Martine presented the clinical challenge of detecting the early deterioration of patients in the ward and at home by measuring and processing vital signs; and how  industry will be challenged to support this in the form of developing innovative and wearable technology.

Representatives from Nightingale can next be found 28-29 June 2017 at ExCeL London to celebrate Health+Care 2017 – Europe's largest integrated care conference, which will focus on the crucial ‘how’ of delivering complex transformation. Find out more here.