Nightingale releases tender to develop wireless and wearable tech to monitor patients

Nightingale has released a tender to develop the ‘ultimate patient monitor’.

Interested parties can access the tender at

The Nightingale project team want to design wearable technology that can continuously monitor patients’ vital signs, including blood results and other clinical data, as well as ensuring early warning of actual deterioration in and out of hospital.

John Welch, a Consultant Nurse in Critical Care and senior member of the Nightingale project, says there is a huge unfulfilled need for better monitoring of vital signs in high-risk patients both in general hospital wards and at home, despite tremendous improvements in diagnostic and therapeutic options in health care over recent decades.

John said: “Early detection of abnormal vital signs is crucial to prevent death and disability from rapidly fatal conditions such as altered consciousness, upper airway obstruction, respiratory failure, internal bleeding, sepsis, and cardiac arrest. Such monitoring is generally a nursing task. However, nurses on hospital wards must care for more and more high-risk and deteriorating patients, because healthier patients and those needing minor/intermediate surgery are increasingly treated in day-case settings. The end product will hopefully be an adaptation of consumer gadgets such as the FitBit for clinical use that effectively measures patients’ vital signs. The Nightingale team believe the ability to capture data in this way offers huge potential to save both lives and resources.”

Interested parties have until 12pm (CET), 12 January 2018 to submit a bid to  

Questions may be submitted on or before 15 December 2017 addressed to Mr G Bekema via in English.

Nightingale has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727534.