Emfit quits Nightingale and CE marking for Checkpoint Cardio

The challenge Nightingale put to the industry is not an easy one and, unfortunately, we said goodbye to Emfit in August. Phase 2 of the project previously already showed the diversity of organizations being able to meet the technical challenges of developing accurate sensors for the complete set of requested vital parameters (i.e. heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, activity and position, and preferably also blood pressure and oxygen saturation), as well as reliable data transfer, all to be developed in relative short time. The expectations for Phase 3 of the project were even higher to have a system ready to be tested in the clinical setting. Unfortunately, this was a bridge too far, too soon for Emfit and it was mutually agreed that the system of Emfit would not be ready in time to be validated in the already scheduled clinical investigation.

We thank the team of Emfit for their cooperation, efforts and sharing their valuable insights in the technical development of wireless monitoring.

Nightingale now continues with the preparations for the clinical investigations using the system of Checkpoint Cardio, which was CE marked just before summer.