Checkpoint Cardio and Emfit wearable wireless sensor systems progress to Phase III

Following exhaustive user testing in both laboratory and home settings in the UK and Netherlands, we are pleased to announce that Checkpoint Cardio and Emfit wearable wireless sensor systems have progressed to Phase III of the Nightingale H2020 project, to be tested on hospital patients in Aachen, Leuven, London, Stockholm and Utrecht from May 2020.

We can’t wait to see this ground-breaking equipment in action!  For more information on the two systems, see below.

Checkpoint Cardio

Checkpoint Cardio systems for real time online patient tele-monitoring use smart wearable devices collecting 1, 3-12 lead ECG, SpO2, pulse, respiration rate, non-invasive blood pressure trend, activity and location of the patient connected to a tele-medical centre for continuous 24/7 remote observation, diagnostics, patient health management and emergency response services.

Checkpoint Cardio’s first of its kind tele-medical centre located in Bulgaria has served more than 50 000 patients across four continents, including thousands of cases where severe health conditions have been detected and the condition of the patient immediately managed, then her/his safe transfer to a hospital facilitated.  With participation in the Nightingale H2020 programme, Checkpoint Cardio will be able to widen the pathologies detected and medical services offered by developing model-based intelligent detection and prediction of deterioration both inside and outside the hospital.

For more information about the Checkpoint Cardio system, please contact Boris Dimitrov (project manager) email