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David Brealey

Dr David Brealey

Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine

Clinical Lead for Critical Care Clinical Research and Lead for Critical Care, Anaesthetic and Emergency Medicine Research at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. 

Dr Brealey has set up a high performing clinical research team that is capable of running multiple trials throughout the critical care arena. The team consistently deliver high recruitment rates and produce high quality data. Dr Brealey is Principal Investigator on over 15 critical care studies and is the current UK Lead for two international, commercial trials. Dr Brealey is experienced in protocol setup, regulatory advice and epresentation; and sits on advisory boards, the UCL Clinical Trials Unit safety board and trial steering committees. As clinical lead for the Patient Emergency Response and Resuscitation Team, Dr Brealey works closely with John Welch and has been involved in the implementation of new monitoring and scoring systems for all patients within University College Hospital.

Mike Patterson

Dr Michael Patterson

Consultant in Intensive Care & Emergency Medicine

Dr Patterson is a consultant in the critical care and acute care areas of University College London Hospitals; and in pre-hospital care and medical logistics in his role as Chief Medical Officer for Operations at one of sport’s largest national governing bodies. As a result, Dr Patterson has broad expertise in the transitions between areas of care for the sickest patients.

Dr Patterson’s areas of interest, past work and project delivery include sepsis, advanced emergency department resuscitation, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), post-cardiac arrest pathways and team resource management. Dr Patterson is Co-Director of the Emergency Services Research Team at UCLH.

John Welch

Mr John Welch

Consultant Nurse, Critical Care & Critical Care Outreach

Currently President of the International Society for Rapid Response Systems; previously Clinical Lead for the NHS England funded Patient Safety Programme sepsis workstream across UCL Partners hospitals; Deteriorating Patient Lead and former Programme Lead for Critical Care Outreach at the Department of Health Modernisation Agency.

John is a nationally and internationally recognised leader in the setup, development and evaluation of rapid response systems and their role in ensuring and improving patient safety, with experience of testing aspects of process design and re-design and use of innovative technology in patient monitoring as well as in patient involvement and co-design.