Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden

Dr Max Bell

Dr Max Bell

Senior Physician and Researcher

Senior physician and researcher at the department of Anesthesia, Surgical Services and Intensive Care at Karolinska. Currently holding a Karolinska Institutet clinical post-doctoral position, Dr Bell divides his time between clinical duties and academia. Dr Bell is the main tutor of three PhD candidates and has published 36 papers. Dr Bell has extensive experience regarding epidemiological registry-based research using the Swedish quality registers.

Charlotta Bergman

Procurement Officer

Procurement Officer for medical devices with four years experience of procurement of medical technology and eight years experience in the medical device industry including the implementation, support and development of remote monitoring of pacemakers and ICDs.

Peter Håkansson

Project Manager for Medical Device Integration project

Project Manager for a Medical Device Integration project with 15 years experience working with medical devices in the telecom and ICT industry.

Peter is also the holder of three patents.

Dr David Konrad

Dr David Konrad

Head of Department of Anaesthesia, Surgical Services and Intensive Care

Change Manager for the new Karolinska University Hospital reorganisation regarding perioperative medicine and Intensive Care. Main tutor of two successful PhD students with dissertations in 2013 and 2015. Published 20 peer-reviewed research articles, including clinical intervention studies, epidemiology and several international multi-centre studies, one devoted to enhanced monitoring of ward patients.