Presentations from our OMC meetings

Click on a title below to open a presentation from one of our recent Open Market Consultation meetings. 

What do we need and why? by Professor Cor Kalkman

The patient's perspective by Giuseppe De Carlo 

Case studies by John Welch 

Feedback from Nightingale questionnaires by Professor Frank Rademakers and Jan Willems

Business case thinking by Professor Cor Kalkman

What makes Nigtingale a good solution? by Martine Breteler

Value sensitive design as important tool for stakeholder management by Ghislaine van Thiel 

Levels of sophistication in early warning by Professor Frank Rademakers

Nightingale development and PCP by Paul Schrijnemakers and Gerben Bekema

Nightingale EU regulations by Professor Alan Fraser 

Using inclusive design principles to create intuitive, user‐friendly and desirable UX by Ed Matthews

Nightingale next steps by Karianne Lindenhovius

Nightingale conclusions by Professor Frank Rademakers 

Also please see New videos from our Open Market Consultation and PPT presentations available to view online now