Questionnaire for interested parties

Interested parties should familiarise themselves with the Nightingale Common Challenge document and complete an interested parties questionnaire.

By completing a questionnaire you can let us know your contact details and interact with us about the tender. We will consult even further with interested parties at our open market consultation meetings. If you are interested in finding collaboration partners there is opportunity to agree to share your contact details on the questionnaire; and we will make a list of all interested parties who agree their contact information can be shared available on our website, to allow for potential collaborations. 

Nightingale’s Prior Information Notice (PIN) sets out the procurement process and provides potential suppliers with as much information as possible ahead of the open market consultation meetings where feedback from completed questionnaires will form the agenda. Click on the link above to download a PDF version of the PIN; the PIN is also published on the Tenders Electronic Daily website.

A list of published research that outlines the issues Nightingale hopes to address can be read here.