Collaboration opportunities

Lots of companies have already registered their interest in Nightingale. If you are interested in forming a consortium feel free to make direct contact with other companies found on our table below. 

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The Nightingale open market consultation meetings held in March and April 2017 generated lively discussion. Here you can read each question and answer that was raised during the breakout sessions.

Company name Country Relevant expertise Looking for companies with expertise in Contact
2Observe Belgium Phillipe Kaplan
AAA Medical UK Information management
User interface
Offline first software
Data transmission
Clinical task management
Medical workflow
Automated early warning scores
Sensing systems
Clinical decision support systems
Dave Hurhangee
Agfa Healthcare Belgium Data analyses/artefact rejection
Artificial intelligence
Information management
User interface
Sensing system Joost Felix
AmbiGate GmbH Germany Motion Sensing,
3D Tracking / Movement Analysis
Mixed / Virtual Reality
AI/Deep Learning
Stephan Dabels
Andaman 7 Belgium Information management
User interface
Sensing system
Data analyses/artefact rejection
Artificial intelligence
Information management
Philippe Lemmens
Ascom UK Phillip Ellis
Aseptika UK We have developed a Wireless, battery-powered monitor for remote monitoring of adults and children (Sp02, heart-rate and respiration rate). This is our own electronics, firmware and code. We own the rights. We are also developing a wearable medically-certified wearable which removes the need to transmit data via Smartphones. Combined with the wearable sensor, it can remove the need to perform the sit-to-stand or 6 minute walk test. Kevin A Auton Ph.D
BABYBE GmbH Germany #Wearbles
#IOT and Electronics
#Medical Design
#Oversea China Sourcing and Fast Prototyping
#From Concept to Medical Device
#Design Thinking
Partner for new Innovative Healthcare Products Raphael Lang
BABYBE GmbH Germany Raphael Lang
Bainisha CVBA Belgium Hardware (including in-house developed and patented new body motion capturing sensor patch for medical grade data)
User interface
Integration of sensor system (hardware/software/user interface) into local medical IoT platform
Scaling up the system to larger formal medical IoT platforms Patrick Vandevyver

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